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You can meet users from all around the world via SayDuo. It is a real-time based social & communication solution for global audiences.

SayDuo - The most convenient and easy way to connect globally

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Free & Affordable

Earn free daily credits just by logging in, or receive bonus credits when accepting a face chat.

Immersive & Customizable

Personalize your avatar through modular parts and accessories. Submerge into the metaverse with your very own avatar!

Real-Time Face-to-Face & Voice Chat

SayDuo guarantees dynamic social experience through strictly a real-time based system.

Seamless User Matching

SayDuo™'s algorithm promises users to be matched strictly according to each other's learning needs. No need to waste time searching for a partner!

Fun Learning Experience through TTS & STT

Need bit of a confidence boost? Start practicing instantly through SayDuo™'s TTS(Text to Speech) Games!

Safe & Harmless Environment

No Trolls Allowed! SayDuo™ promises safe learning environment through instant reasponse to user report claims.

More than 30+ languages available.

SayDuo supports various languages to bring users from all around the globe closer.
Your partner awaits you!


How SayDuo™ works

Simply Meet, Connect, and Share.

Emerge into Metaverse

Get closer to each other. Enjoy talking with others through high quality real-time voice chat.

Taylored contents for you

Depends on your language proficiency, you can practice speaking other language. Or share your moments

Face-to-Face Sessions

SayDuo supports 1:1 face chat for you to grow and build a meaningful relationship.

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